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Our Values

Our operating philosophy places patients first and our values are the foundation upon which all our services are delivered.

Patient Centric

We place patients at the heart of everything we do. As a team of healthcare professionals, we understand patients’ expectations and the details that go into creating a medical travel experience.

Global Patient Access

We are committed to simplifying access to high-quality healthcare services worldwide and providing international patients with choice and expert care facilitation.

Responsible Reporting

Our editorial policy is founded upon transparent, responsible, and ethical reporting principles. Information sources are always embedded and fairly credited in all of our content.

Quality Healthcare

We are selective about working with the most reputable healthcare providers to promote education and access. We operate strict due diligence to ensure our audience receive authoritative content.

Our Services

We are committed to bridging the global access gap between patients and international treatment providers by raising awareness about leading healthcare developments and providing patients with facilitated access to high-quality care.

Global Medical Tourism

We offer international care facilitation services in an exclusive network of the world’s leading healthcare providers. Access for providers is by application only, please contact us to find out more.

Journalism & PR

Our goal is to educate patients about the latest advancements in healthcare and wellness treatments worldwide. We also invite stories from leading medical institutions worldwide.

Destination Insights

Our international healthcare journalists provide destination insights and the latest industry developments from medical tourism hotspots worldwide.

Meet Medical Travel Market

Our Team

We’re a team of multidisciplinary health professionals from around the world with a passion for improving access to international healthcare, one news piece at a time.


editor in chief

Chief Editor of the Medical Travel Market, Ali has worked in the health industry for over 10 years and is passionate about cutting edge stories that connect with readers worldwide.



head of communications

Lara is an AP trained journalist with a rich background in agency and client side communications. She has with institutions across the UK, US and the Middle East.



digital guru

Ben is our in-house digital guru and lead developer. He looks after our digital assets and isn’t afraid to let loose his creative mojo!

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