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7 Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover in the Land of Smiles

Why Thailand is a top destination for dental tourism

Thailand land of smiles

It’s known as the Land of Smiles – and Thailand is certainly making many medical tourists happy. That’s because private dentistry is the second biggest procedure booked by medical tourists arriving from abroad for treatment.

Medical tourism is a mature industry in Thailand, with an estimated 700,000 international patients visiting the country annually for all types of healthcare treatment.

First though – why the moniker Land of Smiles? Well, it’s to do with the fact that Thai people smile 13 different ways depending on what emotion they are trying to convey. There’s a ‘happy’ smile, a ‘polite’ smile and an ‘I’m proud of you’ smile. More bizarrely, there’s a ‘I know I owe you the money, but I don’t have it’ smile and even an ‘I disagree with you’ smile.

All types of dental treatments are available in Thailand, including:

  • Total smile makeovers
  • Veneers, crowns & bridges
  • Complex full mouth reconstruction
  • Single tooth dental implant procedures
  • All-On-4 full mouth dental implants
  • All-On-6 full mouth dental implants & much more

Here are seven reasons to visit Thailand for dental treatment:

1. Savings of up to 60 per cent

One of the main reasons so many medical tourists choose to go to Thailand for dentistry services is, quite simply, the cost. Dentistry treatment – whether cosmetic or general – is often up to 60 per cent less expensive in Thailand than in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and parts of Europe and America.

2. JCI accredited dental clinics

The standard of care and quality of treatment is excellent in Thailand. There are currently 60 Joint Commission International (JCI) registered medical facilities in Thailand, assuring medical tourists that international quality standards are being met.

3. Strong dental education system

There are currently nine dental schools in Thailand, with the qualification taking six years to complete. Once qualified, a Thai dentist must work in the public health system for three years before going private. Refusal to do this means having to pay some of their earnings to the government. All dental services in the country are regulated by the Thai Dental Council (TDC).

4. Dentists are equally as qualified as those in the West

Over 6000 dentists are working in dental clinics across Thailand today, with the urban centre of Bangkok being home to the largest concentration of dental clinics in the country. It is no surprise that Bangkok is recognized as the hub of high-quality dental treatment in Thailand.

It’s not uncommon for a Thai dentist to have practised or gained further qualifications in the UK, Australia or America before returning to set up their private dentistry practice at home.

5. Easy and quick access

Private dental care is readily available without a waiting list, as medical tourists can arrive on a date of their choosing rather than wait months or even years on the NHS in the UK. While there are thousands of dental facilities to choose from, it remains essential to filter through clinics to find the most credible dental clinic for your treatment needs. 

6. Modern dental equipment and technology

Dental technology and equipment standards are robust in leading dental practices across Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. It’s not unusual to find digital panoramic x-ray, 3D CAD/CAM, CT scanning equipment, and in-house laboratories.

7. Superb hospitality for all budgets

Accommodation, food and general entertainment in Thailand don’t cost much and certainly not compared to leading hotspots in Europe. Five-star hotels are scattered across the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, and many mid-tier and budget hotel options are also widely available.

Inter-city flights in Thailand operate multiple times daily across six international airports. Bangkok has two airports – Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) and Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Government authorities in Thailand expect tourist numbers to rebound strongly following years of disruption caused by the pandemic. Arrivals are expected to reach approximately 1 million tourists a month by October 2022, as the country sets its sights on reviving the travel and medical tourism sectors.

If you’re an international patient looking for cost-effective and quality dental treatment abroad, Thailand should undoubtedly be one of your leading destinations of choice.

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