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Health Tourism Future Forum: Unlocking Saudi Arabia’s Potential

Highlights from Riyadh's premier Health Tourism Future Forum

Saudi Arabia Medical Tourism

The Health Tourism Future Forum, a one-of-a-kind international event, delves into the unique opportunities and challenges within Saudi Arabia and the global health tourism industries.  

The 3-day forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, showcases the latest developments and industry trends in the global health tourism sector. It highlights numerous investment opportunities in the country and facilitates networking between buyers and providers of world-class health services.   

The annual health forum features events and workshops on various aspects of medical tourism, including innovation, investment, marketing, and legislation. It represents the Kingdom’s efforts to promote medical tourism within the country and foster international cooperation in the healthcare industry.  

Health tourism involves individuals travelling to another country for medical treatment or wellness experiences. The health tourism industry has rapidly expanded in recent years due to increased awareness, patient demand for personal health and wellbeing services, and rising healthcare costs in many countries.

Mahmoud Abdulhadi, the Deputy Minister of Tourism for Destination Enablement, announced that Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry had exceeded its target of 106 million visitors seven years ahead of schedule.

With the Saudi Arabia health tourism sector in its early stages, Mahmoud Abdulhadi sees a bright future, believing in the strong potential for wellness and health travel, both domestically and internationally.

We have on the technical side people who are coming in for treatment for specific illnesses, and then we have on the soft side people who are coming in for what a spa experience in a nice destination is.

The forum also witnessed the official launch of Healthcare London, a new collaboration of nine healthcare providers from London. They showcased London’s unique blend of internationally acclaimed healthcare institutions, making it a world-leading medical tourism destination. Every year, London attracts over 100,000 international patients.

Other notable global exhibitors included Dallah Hospitals, Fakeeh Care, Saudi German Health, Care Medical, Acibadem, Jordan Tourism Board, Stuttgart Health, Physiotherabia, The Medical City Philippines and more.

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