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Emirates Healthcare Giant Aims to Extend Human Lifespan

Pure Health aims for Abu Dhabi to become the land of longevity

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Emirates healthcare giant Pure Health has set out its vision to make Abu Dhabi “the land of longevity”, a healthcare destination focused on extending life. The recently formed company claims that medical applications of technologies, including artificial intelligence, bioprinting, genome sequencing, robotic surgery and stem cells, are set to extend our lifespan.

In a presentation to government figures and healthcare professionals, Pure Health Chief Operating Officer Shaista Asif suggested that the focus of the integrated healthcare platform would be to extend average lifetimes dramatically.

The vision is to make Abu Dhabi the land of longevity, where people from across the globe migrate to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

She added: “The biggest cause of death is not cancer, heart disease or any other ailment – it’s ageing. We need to look at ageing as an epidemic.”

Largest UAE healthcare group

Pure Health recently became the largest healthcare group in the United Arab Emirates after a series of mergers. It has combined the forces of SEHA, which runs all the public hospitals and primary care facilities in the Emirate, with the national health insurance company Daman, UAE medical procurement company Rafed, The Medical Office, Tamouh Healthcare, Yas Clinic Group, Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC), ONE Health and Pure Labs, which is one the largest lab networks in the Gulf with over 160 labs.

According to Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi, the holding company ADQ’s chief executive officer who oversaw the merger, the intention was to improve efficiencies. 

We are further driving efficiencies to establish the UAE's largest healthcare network. Combining the strength of clinical powerhouses and the UAE's leading health insurer will develop a scalable healthcare platform for growth.

Quality of life

Although the average lifespan has increased around the world, it appears to be reaching a plateau in many countries. Life expectancy amongst the wealthier nations approaches 85 years, with Asian countries — Hong Kong, Japan, Macao and Singapore — taking four of the top five places. European countries where people live longer include Italy and Switzerland. The United Arab Emirates, by contrast, ranks 51st in the world with an average life expectancy of just over 78 years.

At present, healthcare for the elderly is mainly devoted to improving the quality of life in later years. Ageing is seen as inevitable as death, and our sight, hearing, strength, and other physical attributes will deteriorate. For many, a longer lifespan means a more extended period of poor health and dependency. Nevertheless, several companies are looking at technologies that might increase human lifespan.

Biotechnology startups

Some promising biotechnology companies operating in this space include an organization funded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and another by Google. 

Watch this space for our next article, discussing companies funding the anti-ageing revolution.

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