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Non-Surgical Treatments That Cosmetic Doctors Are Most Excited About

non surgical treatment rhinoplasty

The global non-surgical cosmetic procedure market is valued at around USD 9.9 billion with injectables dominating at USD 8.88 billion in 2019. This growth has been driven by an increasing desire for a youthful, natural appearance, an ageing population, and a rapid shift to minimally invasive procedures, with around 43% of the British population reportedly interested in non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Carefully selecting fully-qualified professionals with specific training in cosmetic procedures, working at quality accredited clinics with verified references is of paramount importance to ensure that natural look that you are striving for. The profession is trained and monitored by several professional bodies such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the General Medical Council (UK), the Care Quality Commission (UK), the British Association of Dermatologists, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Medical Travel Market got in touch with a number of British medical experts to see what trending non-surgical cosmetic treatments are exciting them today.  Dr Baldeep Farmah from Dr Aesthetica, Birmingham’s premier non-surgical clinic, says, “I have noticed the demand for non-surgical rhinoplasty and tear trough filler has increased significantly year on year.  These treatments have been increasing in popularity – and will continue to do so over the coming years – due to the decreased downtime compared to that of surgery, the affordability, the duration of results and the higher quality of a natural finish. Dermal fillers are the more favoured option for treatments over surgery as they offer the flexibility of ‘tweaking’. For example, the nose job that you had at 25 may not suit you at 40 and trends may differ.”

Non-Surgical Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Surgical rhinoplasty can be painful and requires long recovery times; in contrast, non-surgical rhinoplasty can shape your nose and hide imperfections whilst you are fully awake. Dr Farmah goes on to say: “The one treatment I’m most excited about is non-surgical rhinoplasty, commonly called a ‘3-Point Rhino’. The nose is a key part to the balance of any face. Making the nose proportionate can enhance and harmonise it with the other facial features. Even the most minor of changes to the nose can make a great difference. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a fantastic, affordable option for those that do not want to go under the knife.”

“Dermal Filler (hyaluronic acid) is injected with a fine needle, in small amounts and in precise locations, into the nose. The way in which we inject your nose at Dr Aesthetica allows us to make your nose straighter and thus look smaller. During the procedure you are fully awake, and able to participate in getting the most optimal results. At Dr Aesthetica, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great option for those with slightly crooked noses, hook-shaped noses that clients want straightened, a bump on the bridge of the nose and for droopy tips.”

Aqualyx Lipotherapy (Fat Loss Injections)

Dr Chia Tan of Harley Street MD, a leading medical expert in cutting-edge non-invasive treatments, hormone replacement therapy and aesthetics, with no less than eight quality accreditations, says: 

“Fat-loss injections like Aqualyx are amazing for contouring the body so it is a really popular treatment, especially in the summer months. We find that plastic surgery is on the decline when you can achieve similar results with non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The risks are far less than going under the knife and having to stay in hospital for surgery. So injectables are the future and will continue to be in demand.“

An alternative to liposuction, Aqualyx is the ideal treatment for those stubborn pockets of fat that do not budge despite diet and exercise, in difficult areas like the inner and outer thighs, the abdomen, chest, ankles and chin area. A specially formulated plant-based compound solution, it dissolves the fat cell membranes, which allows the fatty acids to be eliminated by macrophages and excreted naturally.

Tear Trough Fillers

As we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and wearing face masks in public, the eyes have become very prominent facial features, and this focuses attention on the under-eye area and particularly the ‘tear troughs’ (under-eye bags).  Dr Farmah says he has seen an increase in the use of the procedure, and wearing masks is bound to make the tear trough filler treatment much more popular.

Tear troughs can appear deeper than they are in photographs, due to harsh lighting conditions, thus the procedure will be popular with social media stars and those spending time in front of the cameras or facing the public. The procedure involves dermal fillers injected directly into the tear troughs to plump them up and smooth them out and has minimal downtime.

NYDG Oxygenesis Face Treatment

A facial favoured by a set of LA celebrities that provides instant glow and is often performed directly before performances or red carpet events.  It involves the use of a light-based laser Nd:YAG to stimulate collagen to plump the skin, then a high-pressure hyperbaric oxygen jet pushes hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides and antioxidants into the skin.


The first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product, Profhilo, has one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market (64mg / 2ml), which provides a bio-remodelling cosmetic skincare treatment. It hydrates and plumps up the skin and encourages the stimulation of collagen production to firm up lax areas. It is gaining popularity fast and Dr Farmah says it is “a breakthrough in aesthetic technology”.  Injected just below the surface of the skin, in a two-step process four weeks apart, it produces fast results and is repeated after six months.

Cosmetic surgery patients want a more natural look than before; it is all about tweaking and not radically altering the body and face. Non-invasive procedures are generally safer with a shorter downtime.

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