Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat



€ 3,508

The Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat is very special, devised by our founder Maria Efraimoglou as a journey of emotional, physical and spiritual renewal. Your experience, in group sessions of dialogue and embodied practice, as well as with exquisite solo treatments, conceived to open you at a soul level, is built around her heartfelt belief in the 5 Elements.

Your mornings are devoted to discovering the characteristics of each element – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal /ether – and how you, as an individual, are affected by their characteristics, emotionally and spiritually. During the afternoon, you will enjoy therapies to balance these characteristics in you so you can overcome emotional blockages and work on physical issues with the aim of achieving your own higher potential –with joy and understanding.

7 days

Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat

  • Medical & Holistic Consultation with bioenergetic profiling
  • Euphoria Feedback
  • 5 Element Balancing
  • Reflexology or Sanctuary for Busy Minds
  • Emotional transformation and self-awareness – Group Session Through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal / Ether) (2-2.5h daily)
  • Euphoria Chakra Sound Healing
  • 5 Element Dance Therapy
  • Group dining in the candlelit private dining room with group mentors
  • Group Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual and Meditation
  • Daily breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

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