Odysseus Journey



€ 1,613

Explore, reflect, discover, play.

Over five days you will learn more about yourself in a profound yet playful way.

Through the legend of The Odyssey, through group discussion, our core philosophy of the Five Elements and immersive experiences unique to Euphoria Retreat, you will shed light on any inhibiting emotions, dissolve them and revel in a new and joyful confidence. This is a fun and engaging process for seeing the passage of our life’s path. A retreat like no other.

Find and live your inner purpose through the lens of an epic story of Greek mythology. Like Odysseus does in The Odyssey, you too will reflect on your life decisions and where they are leading you. Join our expert retreat leaders to explore the narrative, along with the Five Elements philosophy and playful and meditative activities, to discover your Ithaca – in other words how to identify and reach your heart’s desires. Enjoy the journey!

Odysseus Journey is for you if you would like to share, smile, and explore with others, without thinking too much. You will assimilate and contemplate in an unusual way which incorporates metaphor, discussion and physical activities that use the facilities and philosophy of Euphoria Retreat.

5 days

Odysseus Journey Retreat:

  • Group Session Through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal / Ether)
  • Group Forest Meditation and Energy Movement
  • 5 Element Dance Therapy
  • Salt Room
  • Group Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual
  • 5 Element Balancing
  • Sanctuary for Busy Minds
  • Watsu
  • Labyrinth Meditation

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