Euphoria Wellbeing Detox



€ 3,695

If you’re looking for a vitality boost, this is the Programme for you. We use our patented Euphoria 3GL Plus Nutritional Analysis and Assessment to determine your meal plan that can effectively cleanse your body and adjust your metabolism. We blend our unique nutritional approach with a broad mix of therapies to support your body’s natural detoxification process resulting in higher levels of energy and happiness.

When we detoxify our physical body, and support this with practices to clear our mind, we experience great shifts in how we feel: more dynamic and enthusiastic for life.

Our comprehensive Wellbeing Detox Programme blends spa treatments that help your body release toxins, such as infrared sauna, body wraps, cupping massage, and our signature 5 Element Balancing Treatment, with our own unique nutritional approach aimed at giving you an appropriate antioxidant-rich diet to increase your metabolism.

7 days

Euphoria Wellbeing Detox Retreat:

  • 3GL plus (Analysis + Assessment + Respiratory + Urine test)
  • Nutritional Guidance Session
  • Euphoria Feedback
  • Body Bioimpedance Analysis
  • Nutritional Guidance (follow up)
  • Urine test (follow up)
  • Medical & Holistic Consultation with biofeedback profiling
  • Emotional Aspects of Health and Weight balance (group workshop)
  • Biologique Recherche algae slimming & detox Body treatment
  • Mineral Molds for Cellulite, Detox and Body Toning
  • Feel Alive Again massage
  • Scrub Ritual (Relax or Energy or Detox)
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reflexology
  • Detox Cupping Massage
  • Infrared sauna
  • Salt Room Session
  • Group Mind Detox or Meditation
  • Daily Biofunctional Smoothy & Snack according to the nutritional analysis and assessment
  • Daily breakfast – Lunch – Dinner according to the nutritional guidance

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