Bürgenstock Health Resort

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


Staying at the Waldhotel will be a spectacular journey! A symbiosis of innovative architectural designs — where nature meets medical innovation to create a unique health experience. More than 1,100 m above sea level, the Waldhotel introduces you the holistic «Healthy by Nature» concept, immersed in typical southern Swiss mountain scenery and surrounded by green meadows and forests, herbal gardens and fresh air.

This is where outstanding Swiss medical expertise redefines clinical care by focusing on developing integrated and individualised approaches to medical treatments, helping you lead a better life. Life expectancy has been increasing for decades. But a long life does not necessarily mean a healthy life. A check-up may find early stage disorders and offers a chance for early treatment. Our goal is to add healthy, enriched years to your life through our holistic programmes, defined by an extensive medical care team with renowned specialists in a variety of medical fields.

Extensive scientific collaborations and partnerships with Swiss medical centres allow us always to strive for excellence in our methods, relying heavily on the extraordinary medical infrastructure featured at the Waldhotel.

The Medical Director for the Waldhotel is Professor Dr. Verena Brinder, FRCP.

Graduated from University of Bale, Switzerland. She has worked at the University Hospital in Bale and Bern, Switzerland, the Hammersmith Hospital in London, and the University Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is a professor at the University of Bale and a visiting professor at the University of Lucerne.

For many years, she headed the Department of Medicine at the central hospital in Lucerne, the Luzerner Kantonsspital, and is now the Medical Director of the Medical Center at the Waldhotel. Her expertise in internal medicine and complex diseases is ideal preparation for her to be able to lead the medical check-ups and medical treatment of rehab patients.




Prof. Dr. Verena Briner

Professor, Doctor of Medicine
Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Nephrology
  • FMH Internal Medicine
  • FMH Nephrology
  • Lecturer Internal Medicine, University Bern.
  • Private Docent in Internal Medicine, University Bern.
  • Lecturer Internal Medicine, University Zürich and University Basel.
  • Professor of Internal Medicine at the University Basel.
  • Guest Professor of the University of Luzern
  • 1979 – 1995 – Various residency positions
  • 1995-2004 – Head of Internal Medicine, Kantonsspital Luzern, Switzerland
  • 2005-2016 – Head Department Medicine, Luzerner Kantonsspital & Member of the board of the hospital
  • 2011 – 2016 – CMO and head Department Medicine, Luzerner Kantonsspital
  • Since 2018 – Medical Director, Medical Centre, Waldhotel Bürgenstock, Switzerland

Verena Briner is an honorary professor at the University of Basel and a visiting professor at the University of Lucerne. Specialised in general internal medicine and nephrology, she worked as head of the Medicine Department of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) for over 20 years until 2016 and was a member of the LUKS Executive Committee.

Verena Briner has been appointed to various committees and bodies such as the Technical Committee for Highly Specialised Medicine (HSM Technical Committee) established by virtue of the Intercantonal Agreement on Highly Specialised Medicine (IVHSM). She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London (UK) and an honorary member of several international panels of experts

  • 1989-91 – Research Fellowship and Instructor in Medicine at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado, USA

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