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American Hospital Dubai Extends Medical Tourism Reach With Offices in Nigeria

Advancing UAE’s medical tourism goals

American hospital dubai

American Hospital Dubai has taken a significant step towards enhancing its global reach by opening three new medical tourism offices in Nigeria. This strategic expansion aims to facilitate easier access to top-quality healthcare services for Nigerian patients while also reinforcing Dubai’s status as a premier destination for medical tourism.

Attracting patients from Nigeria

These new offices serve as extensions of American Hospital Dubai’s commitment to delivering world-class healthcare beyond its borders. The move comes as part of the hospital’s overarching mission to cater to the needs of international patients seeking advanced medical treatments and personalized care.

Nigeria, with a population of 206 million and growing demand for specialized medical services, presents a prime opportunity for American Hospital Dubai to extend its expertise. By establishing a physical presence in the country, the hospital aims to streamline the process for Nigerian patients who seek treatment abroad, offering them comprehensive assistance right from their home country.

With the opening of these medical tourism offices, American Hospital Dubai brings a wealth of healthcare options closer to Nigerian patients. These offices will serve as hubs for providing information, coordinating appointments, and facilitating consultations with renowned medical professionals from the hospital’s network.

Hub for medical tourism

The decision to expand into Nigeria underscores Dubai’s emergence as a global hub for medical tourism. Known for its state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure, advanced technology, and world-class medical expertise, Dubai has been attracting patients from around the world seeking specialized medical treatments and wellness services.

The UAE has successfully consolidated its position as one of the premier global medical tourism destinations

In 2022, Dubai welcomed over 674,000 medical tourists, with expenditure reaching $270 million. This reflects a notable rise compared to the previous year, when 630,000 tourists spent $71.3 million, as reported by the Dubai Health Authority. The authority further noted that approximately 39% of these medical tourists arrived from countries in Asia, while 22% originated from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and 21% came from Arab and GCC countries.

By expanding its footprint into Nigeria, American Hospital Dubai is not only expanding its patient base but also contributing to the growth of medical tourism in the region. The move is poised to stimulate economic activity by attracting international patients who seek healthcare services while also positioning Dubai as a global healthcare destination.

As the demand for specialized medical services continues to rise worldwide, initiatives like these pave the way for a more interconnected and inclusive global healthcare ecosystem.

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