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Bali International Hospital to Elevate Medical Tourism in Bali

Opening soon & positioning Bali on Asia's medical tourism radar

Bali International Hospital

Bali, a sought-after tourist destination, renowned for its vibrant culture, idyllic beaches, and stunning natural landscapes, is planning to diversify its offerings and boost its economy through medical tourism. The upcoming launch of the Bali International Hospital (BIH) is poised to redefine healthcare standards and transform the island into a regional hub for medical treatment. Its primary goal is to promote health tourism in Bali, while providing healthcare services to the residents of Indonesia.

President Joko Widodo inaugurated the ground-breaking process on December 27, 2021, making it the first state-owned international hospital. The Indonesia Healthcare Corporation (IHC) will manage BIH, which is set to open in the third quarter of 2024. Partnering with esteemed institutions like the Mayo Clinic during the planning phase, it is committed to upholding the highest code in governance, management, and patient care.

Strategic location and comprehensive services

The Bali International Hospital is situated in the newly established Sanur-based Healthcare Special Economic Zone (SEZ) next to Sanur Beach, just 30 minutes from the international airport, enhancing its appeal to both foreign tourists and the local community. Covering 67,465 square metres over four floors, it will feature:

  • 239 acute care beds
  • 38 intensive care unit beds
  • 8 operating rooms
  • 4 cardiac cath labs

BIH is focused on Centres of Excellence with advanced diagnostic capabilities, specialising in critical areas such as Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, and Orthopaedics. Additionally, its signature services will also include rapid emergency response, a diagnostic centre for health check-ups and screening tests, palliative medicine and medical rehabilitation. Medical tourism packages will be available for all types of health checks and procedures.

Healthcare professionals will deliver patient-oriented treatments with compassion, granting access to both the latest medical advancements and traditional Balinese wellness practices. The hospital strives to provide unrivalled hospitality while leveraging its surrounding natural beauty as a backdrop for recovery.

Green initiatives

BIH’s environmental responsibility is evident in various aspects of its design and operations. For instance, the installation of solar panels, fulfilling 1.5% of the hospital’s energy needs, demonstrates its dedication to a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. Along with that, PT Mowilex, a leading producer of paints and wood coatings and the sole carbon-neutral manufacturer in Indonesia since 2019, aligns with the hospital’s green mission by supplying paints for various areas of the facility. This includes Mowilex Weathercoat Supreme for exterior surfaces, recognised for its durability, and Mowilex Cendana Antibacterial for interior areas.

Moreover, the incorporation of an Ethnomedicinal Botanic Garden and an integrated fitness centre enriches the holistic wellness experience offered at BIH.

Bali’s medical tourism industry

Indonesia’s national healthcare system faces systemic issues such as under-funding and limited access to healthcare facilities and medication, particularly in rural areas. The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a severe blow to Indonesia’s tourism sector, causing a drastic decline in international visitors, leading to significant economic challenges, particularly for the hospitality industry.

Amidst these trials, Bali has seen the emergence of a new opportunity in medical tourism. Several hospitals in the region have formed the Bali Medical Tourism Association (BMTA), aiming to attract patients seeking medical treatments while enjoying the island’s beauty and culture.

There are some prominent hospitals that contribute to the country’s reputation for excellent medical care, among them is the BIMC Hospital, which stands out for providing access to quality yet affordable services, including 24-hour emergency care, high quality dentistry, plastic surgery, and dialysis. RS Premier Jatinegara in Jakarta has also been recognised as the Best Hospital of the Year in Indonesia for multiple consecutive years by the Global Health Asia Pacific, offering specialised services such as cardiovascular procedures and stroke treatment. Siloam Hospitals Denpasar, also located in Bali, is recognised for its advanced equipment and complex treatments. It is accredited by the JCI and was even chosen to attend to world leaders during the G20 Summit in 2022. These esteemed institutions collectively enhance the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, catering to both local and international patients with exemplary standards of care.

Bali is also a popular destination for health and wellness tourism among Australians and New Zealanders. Thousands of health tourists visit Bali every year seeking the best wellness retreats, such as mindfulness retreats, detox retreats, organic weight loss retreats and more.

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While the availability and quality of medical treatments varies across regions, efforts to improve the healthcare system are underway. With significant investments and partnerships such as those facilitated by the Bali International Hospital, the country is asserting itself as a medical tourism base in Asia.

As BIH prepares to open its doors to the world, the stage is set for Bali to shine as a model in providing a sanctuary for individuals in search of healing and rejuvenation amidst the breath-taking view of the Indonesian archipelago.

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