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Revealing the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital in Dubai

New cancer hospital set to open in 2026

Dubai Cancer Hospital

Dubai’s healthcare landscape is geared up for a groundbreaking transformation with the upcoming inauguration of the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital. Scheduled to open in 2026, this state-of-the-art facility represents an important milestone in the UAE’s commitment to providing accessible and advanced cancer care.

Honouring a legacy by promoting innovation and charity

The comprehensive and innovative medical care proposal of Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital was revealed in a ceremony attended by dignitaries. Its structure stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, embodying his lifelong dedication to philanthropy and service. The hospital aims to be a beacon of hope for patients not only in Dubai but also throughout the region.

Built with generous donations channelled through the Al Jalila Foundation, this multifunctional medical facility intends to integrate leading expertise to handle the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer under one roof. Spanning 56,000 square metres, it features an environmentally sustainable design with the capacity to treat 30,000 patients annually.

Addressing the rising incidence of cancer cases in the UAE

The anticipated debut of the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital comes at a crucial time for the UAE, as the nation grapples with a rising incidence of cancer. As per the 6th annual report of the UAE National Cancer Registry, 2019 saw 4,633 newly diagnosed cancer cases, with 94.56% being malignant. Breast, thyroid, colorectal, skin, and leukaemia were the predominant cancers. Additionally, the report highlighted 1,181 cancer-related deaths, comprising 13.11% of all deaths regardless of nationality, cancer type, or gender.

With this insight, the urgency for specialised cancer care facilities has never been more pressing. By pioneering exceptional infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and an extensive approach to medical aid, they strive to address the growing healthcare challenge head-on.

Cancer is one of the major health issues in the United Arab Emirates, leading to substantial morbidity and mortality. It accounts for 10% of all mortality in the UAE, which made it the third-leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease and injuries in 2019. The UAE is determined to reduce cancer mortality by nearly 18% by 2025. Reducing the number of deaths due to cancer is one of the key performance indicators of the UAE’s national agenda as a “Pillar of World-Class Healthcare.

Core of excellence and compassionate care

Central to the hospital’s mission is its role of excellence and compassion in patient care. Setting new standards for cancer treatment, the project inauguration ceremony outlined the design and infrastructure plan for Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital, which includes 50 clinics, 30 clinical research areas, 60 infusion rooms, 10 urgent care rooms, 5 radiotherapy rooms, and 116 inpatient beds. Furthermore, the inclusion of 19 gardens strategically placed across the hospital campus provides an uplifting healing atmosphere for patients and their families.

As it prepares to open its doors, the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital stands poised to deliver an efficient healthcare system, becoming a centre of clinical excellence for all cancer-related needs—from early detection to treatment and supportive care. Beyond focusing on physical recovery, the hospital will also venture to promote emotional well-being and resilience in the face of adversity.

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