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Elegancia Healthcare Qatar Explores International Partnerships in Iraq

Doha based Elegancia Healthcare establishes regional partnerships

The View Hospital Qatar

Elegancia Healthcare, a distinguished healthcare leader in Qatar, has embarked on a strategic journey into the dynamic landscape of Iraq’s healthcare market. This step reflects Elegancia’s commitment to patient-centered care and underscores the significance of international partnerships in advancing Iraq’s healthcare sector. This article delves into existing collaborations in Iraq’s healthcare domain. It illustrates how Elegancia’s entry harmonizes with this collaborative approach, promising a brighter healthcare future. 

About Iraq’s Healthcare Industry

Emerging from years of adversity, Iraq’s healthcare system has faced various challenges. Despite these obstacles, concerted efforts have been made to rebuild and fortify the nation’s healthcare infrastructure. A network of public and private hospitals and clinics characterizes the healthcare landscape in Iraq. This concerted focus on recovery and modernization serves as a beacon of hope in meeting the growing healthcare needs of Iraq’s population. 

Elevating the Healthcare Landscape

• Hospitals: Iraq’s healthcare infrastructure comprises approximately 240 public hospitals and over 200 private hospitals, collectively forming the sector’s backbone.

• Prominent Institutions: Notable healthcare establishments include Al-Kindy Teaching Hospital in Baghdad, Basra Children’s Hospital, and Rizgary Teaching Hospital in Erbil, exemplifying medical care delivery excellence.

• Population Size: Iraq’s healthcare system serves a populace exceeding 40 million, necessitating efficient healthcare service delivery. 

• Demographics: Iraq’s demographic profile, with an average age of 20 to 25 years, emphasizes the significance of healthcare services tailored to specific youth health concerns.

• Prevalent Diseases: Cardiovascular diseases account for approximately 28% of all deaths, followed by cancer at 18% and diabetes at 9%. Addressing these concerns requires comprehensive approaches.

International Healthcare Collaborations in Iraq

Amidst Iraq’s healthcare challenges, international collaborations have been vital catalysts for rejuvenation. These endeavours have elevated medical expertise, technological resources, and patient care practices. 

In recent years, significant collaborations include: 

1. Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders): Providing critical medical assistance to conflict-affected areas, this partnership addresses immediate healthcare needs and strengthens local institutions.

2. Collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO): Focused on fortifying healthcare infrastructure, this collaboration involves disease prevention, policy formulation, and workforce elevation.

3. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: Essential medical resources, emergency response, and healthcare development are supported.

4. Educational Partnerships: Medical universities partnering with international counterparts enrich medical education and foster research.

Strategic Entry of Elegancia Healthcare Qatar

Elegancia Healthcare is a subsidiary of Estithmar Holding in the State of Qatar. The healthcare group includes several hospitals, at the forefront of which is The View Hospital, a visionary project in collaboration with Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, USA.

Elegancia Healthcare’s announcement to establish a footprint in Iraq complements ongoing collaborations. With global excellence and patient care focus, it promises new partnerships. Advanced medical facilities, technology, and skilled professionals encourage cross-border knowledge exchange.

Elegancia Healthcare joins esteemed organizations in uplifting Iraq’s healthcare sector. Elegancia Healthcare’s entry aims to foster Iraq’s healthcare progress, elevating care quality and citizen well-being. 

This resonates with CEO Joe Hazel’s commitment to “explore innovative ways to collaborate on launching projects that will contribute to the development of the healthcare sector in Iraq,” reaffirming Elegancia’s dedication to transformative international partnerships.

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