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PureHealth to Bring USA’s Best Children’s Hospital to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi aims to become a leading destination for pediatric medical tourism

Abu Dhabi pediatric partnership

PureHealth, the Middle East’s largest healthcare platform and subsidiary Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), have partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to establish a unique center of pediatric excellence in Abu Dhabi. This collaboration not only strengthens Abu Dhabi’s position as a premier healthcare destination but also introduces a new standard of pediatric care in the region.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: A Beacon of Pediatric Excellence

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is one of the foremost pediatric hospitals globally, renowned for its commitment to pediatric care, research, and education. With a legacy spanning over 130 years, the hospital has consistently ranked among the top pediatric centers in the United States.

Highlights include:

Research Excellence: Cincinnati Children’s is home to over 1,300 faculty members engaged in groundbreaking research. Annually, the hospital invests more than $300 million in research to find better treatments and cures for pediatric diseases.

Patient Care: The hospital serves over 1.3 million patients annually, including over 60,000 inpatient admissions and nearly 700,000 outpatient visits. It offers a comprehensive range of specialized services, from cardiology to oncology, catering to the unique healthcare needs of children.

Its expertise and innovative approach to pediatric medicine make it an ideal partner for this initiative in Abu Dhabi.

Specialized Medical City for Women’s & Children’s Health

The partnership announcement comes on the heels of His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, giving the green light for a specialized medical city focused on women’s and children’s health. As part of this initiative, SEHA’s Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) has already earned recognition as a center of excellence for pediatric heart care.

The announcement adds to Pure Health’s international network of healthcare facilities, comprising the following assets:

  • SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company)
  • Daman (The National Health Insurance Company)
  • The Medical Office
  • Rafed (UAE’s largest healthcare Group Purchasing Organisation)
  • PureLab (Largest network of laboratories in the region)
  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center
  • One Health
  • The Life Corner
  • Ardent Health Services
  • Circle Health Group

Leadership Remarks

Shaista Asif, Group CEO of PureHealth, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “At PureHealth, our heart lies in nurturing the future of Abu Dhabi by ensuring our children, the cornerstone of tomorrow, receive the best possible start in life. Our commitment extends beyond just medical treatment, it’s about crafting a healthier, brighter future for our youngest generation. By establishing the centre of excellence for paediatrics in collaboration with SEHA and Cincinnati Children’s, we’re not just advancing healthcare; we’re investing in the lives and longevity of our children.”

Saeed Jaber Mohd Al Kuwaiti, Group CEO at SEHA, said: “We are proud to partner with Cincinnati Children’s, reinforcing our commitment to aligning with local healthcare services while maintaining the highest international standards. This centre is poised to set a new benchmark in paediatric care quality, reflecting the UAE’s dedication to the wellbeing of the youngest members of the community. We are confident that the partnership will elevate the healthcare ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, further enhancing local capabilities in medicine, research and innovation.”

Steve Davis, President and CEO of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, said: “At Cincinnati Children’s, we believe that access to the highest quality care should be available to every child. Collaboration is part of who we are and we know that by working with SEHA and PureHealth to share our knowledge and experience, together we are creating a brighter future for children here and around the world.”

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