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London’s Top Private Rehab Facilities for Post-Operative Care

Specialized post-operative care is available in the heart of London

best rehab facilities in london

Comprehensive rehabilitation is vital to the treatment journey and is highly sought after by patients after surgery or medical interventions. An increasing number of private clinics in the UK capital offer high quality post-operative rehabilitation services for local and international patients.

London has several specialised rehabilitation service providers offering comprehensive post-acute rehabilitation care. Specialised rehab focuses on neural and physiotherapeutic activities based on a personalised evaluation of a patient’s structural and dynamic movement.

The best private rehab centres in London are staffed by multidisciplinary teams of physicians, therapists, physiologists and nurses, who work together to guide patients through the correct exercise techniques to rehabilitate and strengthen.

Such centres have state-of-the-art rehabilitative equipment and the latest modalities to promote healing and recovery.

Specialised rehabilitation services

Various studies have shown that post-op rehabilitation care can speed up recovery and reduce pain. That’s because post-op rehabilitation services tend to be based on teaching patients the safest way to walk, have a bath, dress, feed themselves and generally be able to function independently. It also focuses on building muscles and regaining relaxed use of the part of the body where surgery occurred.

The type of services which excel at providing this type of care are physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietary information, counselling and hydrotherapy, amongst others.

Rehabilitation programs are a vital component in the care pathways of people undergoing surgery or living with and beyond Cancer. Specialised rehabilitation is a crucial component of delivering personalised care. The following acute and chronic conditions can benefit from specialised rehab therapy:

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation (e.g. general, gastro, plastic surgery etc)
  • Brain & spinal cord rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Cancer rehabilitation


Top post-operative rehab facilities in London

Loveday and Co

Based in the capital’s infamous Abbey Road, this private facility describes itself as ‘London’s only senior-living Members Club.’ To this end, it offers a range of tailored health and lifestyle services for members, including a complete medical and lifestyle assessment on joining. There are three other Loveday and Co residences in the capital – in Kensington, Chelsea Court and Notting Hill – all providing different kinds of residential and specialist care in five-star environmental surroundings.

The Loveday rehab team particularly excel at providing help post-knee surgery, hip surgery and other types of orthopaedic surgery. They also specialise in neuro-rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation and falls prevention. The residential rehab booking can be planned for after an operation, or it can be spontaneous, i.e. as the result of a fall. Those who book are provided with a personalised rest and rehabilitation programme in line with their particular medical requirements.

Lyden Hill

Based just outside London, in Reading, Berkshire, Lyden Hill is a family-run care and respite clinic with 28 bedrooms, also offering post-op rehab care. Based in a grade II-listed mansion, the clinic offers treatments such as hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to improve movement (which is especially useful for those recovering from a stroke). There is a state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy pool on-site, which is used to benefit orthopaedic rehabilitation, including joint replacements. Other conditions which can be relieved include spinal disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological conditions and arthritis.

The upmarket clinic also provides a range of holistic therapies, such as hot stone massage, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. Hairdressing and salon services are also offered, and there is an on-site restaurant.

Therapies on Thames

Therapies on Thames provide both outpatient and in-house rehabilitation services for elderly people living in London and its surrounding areas. This is in the form of personalised physiotherapy and occupational therapy programmes. Support is focused on mobility, care and therapy, with the majority of patients treated for orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation.

Therapies aim to get patients to use mobility aids, adapt or regain the ability to perform typical daily living activities and improve muscle strength, balance, and coordination.

The team operates in locations on an in-house and outpatient basis in Windsor, Camberley, Reading, Slough and Wokingham.

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