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Top Wellness Tourism Trends in 2024

Wellness travel continues to grow with exciting new offerings

Top wellness retreats 2024

The start of 2024 has given us a clear perspective on what the top wellness trends of the year will be. People’s attitudes towards wellness have changed these past years. Today, it is a top priority, surpassing work, proving true the phrase health is wealth. Yet, people are more exhausted and stressed than ever – the global political climate, regional pollution, and increasing instability have driven the rise of lifestyle diseases, early ageing and weak immune systems.

The health and wellness industry has been working hard to keep up with the changing times, offering innovative treatments that can, not simply treat illnesses, but also improve the quality of human life. Technology plays a big role in this – from health trackers and automated medication dispensing systems to robotics and genetic testing.  

As we settle into 2024, let’s take a look at some of the wellness trends expected to gain popularity this year.

Bio Hacking Retreats

Biohacking wellness program

Having better control of the body and its functioning can significantly impact the quality of health. Biohacking is a practice that borrows from other fields, such as biology, genetics, neuroscience, and nutrition, to improve how the human body and mind function. A simple example of this is cryotherapy, which triggers the body to boost its immune system. Wellness centres take biohacking to another level with booster injections and intravenous drips. At Wellth, a wellness clinic in Dubai, functional medicine meets Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Some of their popular treatments include IV vitamin and antioxidant therapy, which compensates for nutritional deficiencies; IV laser blood therapy to stimulate the metabolism and enhance immunity; and oxygen therapy to target respiratory problems and sleep issues. 

If Switzerland sounds like a good vacation spot, consider the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The wellness retreat’s signature NewYou Method enhances the impact of medicine by combining them with the elements of wellbeing and nutritional science. The NewYou programs aim at improving gut health, boosting skin quality through ozone therapy and sodium bicarbonate capsules.

Vivamayr, located in Austria, combines customized nutrition with biohacking treatments for the best results. Their intensive cryo-chamber therapy and IV infusions of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements influence the way their bodies function. The wellness centre explains that the tailored solutions help patients combat illnesses with tremendous success and reduce dependency on medications.

Longevity Treatments

Longevity wellness holidays

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on preventative medicine aimed at improving the quality of life while also increasing longevity. It’s not simply about living longer; it’s about living better and ageing well. According to Bank of America analysts, the longevity market is expected to be worth more than $600 billion by 2025. Recently, The Longevity Summit in California and the upcoming Global Longevity Federation 2024 in Las Vegas explored various innovative treatments to combat ageing, from stem cell technology to Blue Zone lifestyles and the impact of biotech on combating age-related illnesses.

The Well at Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica is located near a Blue Zone and offers a four-day longevity program consisting of yoga, meditation, maderoterapia and craniosacral therapy. Along with the retreat in Costa Rica, the brand has a chain of wellness centres in New York, Miami, and Cabo, which also offer similar treatments.

The Pritikin Health and Wellness Retreat in Miami combines diet, fitness, and innovative treatments to target the various issues related to ageing to reset, retain and restore youthful vitality.

Chi Longevity in Singapore has become a popular choice for those interested in reversing their biological ageing. After thoroughly studying the patient’s clinical, molecular, and epigenetic fingerprints, the centre uses geroprotectors (protection from ageing), supplements, medicine, and personalised lifestyle modifications to get the patient started on a healthy longevity journey.

Switzerland’s Clinique La Prairie is also expected to launch its Longevity Hub in Dubai this year at the urban vertical resort One&Only One Za’abeel. The hub is expected to offer various longevity solutions, including cutting-edge therapies such as neurowave stimulation, cryotherapy, far infrared, and IV drips.

Sleep Wellness

Sleep wellness

A recent study published in the journal Neurology stated that people who suffer from sleep issues in their 30s and 40s are more likely to have memory and thinking problems as they age. This is in addition to various issues like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other lifestyle diseases. Sleep is a serious issue that people today want to address with tailored treatments.

Sleep labs, sleep wellness programs and related spa treatments are expected to be in high demand this year. A variety of hotels and resorts provide ‘wind-down’ amenities to ensure qualitative sleep, like special mattresses, black-out and noise-cancellation rooms, and room fragrances that stimulate a calm state of mind. Sleep wellness programs take it a few steps further and attempt to provide sleep improvement that has a long-term impact.

Revivo Wellness Resort in Bali, Indonesia, offers a sleep retreat with de-stress activities like meditation and massages, as well as melatonin and serotonin-rich meals. Alongside calming treatments, Mountain Trek Retreat and Health Spa in British Columbia, Canada, believes that a disconnect from technology helps customers sleep better. They encourage guests to cut out technology and also refrain from using harsh blue lights on the property.

Chenot Palace in Switzerland offers guests the option to combine a sleep module with their detox program. Their sleepsuits are designed to mimic the natural acoustic environment, and the beds have nanobionic linens that emit infrared light to improve sleep quality. Their treatments include photobiomodulation, neuro-acoustic deep relaxation, and cryotherapy.

Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy wellness

Scandinavians have been taking ice baths for ages. They swear by the healing properties of spending short amounts of time in below-zero-degree water. The practice is said to reduce inflammation, manage stress and anxiety, and help improve sleep.

The ReFive Spa at FIVE Palm Jumeirah in Dubai offers a monitored ice bath experience with guided deep breathing exercises. The spa at the Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway, offers saunas, ice baths, a relaxation room, a jacuzzi and an exercise room. The Well spa at Sofiemyr has cold pools as well as Nordic showers that provide a sensory experience of cold and hot water. Another popular choice is Artic Bath, which combines an ice bath in the Lule River with sauna sessions. The Fontana Spa in Iceland offers the best of both hot springs and icy cold lakes. Guests can take a cold bath in Lake Laugarvatn and follow it up with a steam and sauna session.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the international health and wellness market is expected to be worth $6.6 trillion by 2024, with global wellness tourism expected to be worth $1.03 trillion. This reflects a growing demand for focused wellness treatments that combine mainstream medicine with holistic therapies to provide a rounded experience.

The Global Wellness Institute & Wellness Creative Co. also predict consistent growth for the industry, expecting it to reach $7.2 trillion in 2025. This provides a strong impetus for wellness brands to explore new and innovative treatments and expand their offerings.

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