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Will Brexit Make Hair Transplants in Turkey Cheaper?

Turkey remains in pole position as the hotspot for hair transplants


Living in the UK and suffering from hair loss? If you are looking to spend those hard earned pounds on a hair transplant in Turkey, 2020 might just be your lucky year.

How, you ask?


    1.  Hair Loss is Affecting Men and Women All Over the World


Figures from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery tell us that 85% of men will experience visible hair loss by the age of 50, with 40% of men experiencing noticeable hair loss by the age of 35.

But that is not to say that women are immune either. According to the Dr. Farjo Hair Institute in the UK, “40% of women experience hair loss over the course of their lives”, whether that hair loss is genetic or reactive.

Find your type of hair loss from the Norwood scale below and seek references from clinics accordingly.


    2.  The Pound is Making a Comeback


Great news for medical tourists! The sense of uncertainty which had gripped the United Kingdom over the last years had been causing the pound to fluctuate and drop but he latest general election seems to have put an end to that trajectory. A sense of stability about where the country is heading has resulted in the pound trading at a 3.5 year high against the US dollar.

Now, it’s hard to say whether this comeback is here to stay, or if renewed fears surrounding a no-deal Brexit will affect the price of the pound once more. That’s why it’s vital that you start doing your research right now, as a lot of things can change in the currency landscape in the next weeks or months.


    3.  Turkey’s Lira is Suffering but Hair Transplants are Booming


Foreign tourists visiting Turkey can take advantage of the Lira, which has weakened significantly over the last two years. Turkey’s economy has kept on contracting in 2019, giving the worst currency performance of the year – only above Argentina’s Peso.

Up-to-date knowledge about the Lira’s value might give medical tourists some bargaining power when trying to strike a deal with a hair restoration clinic. A lot of the clinics advertise their prices in euros and dollars, so bear this in mind when trying to negotiate. Also, note that the culture of discounting doesn’t apply to all clinics, as there are many providers offering fixed price services.

Finding a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

You will be spoiled for choice when shopping for a hair transplant in Turkey. As it’s often the case, it’s recommended that you spend some time researching the market, as unfortunately not all providers in the market provide outstanding treatment. Make sure you have as many facts and references as possible about both the facility and the surgeon who will be treating you.

All this being said, the price of a hair transplant in Turkey is still very competitive compared to major Western centres like the UK, USA and Germany. You should expect to pay between £2,000 and £4000, depending on your individual profile (e.g. the number of grafts).

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before choosing your treatment, so to make life easier, here are our 9 top tips for finding a hair transplant in Turkey.

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