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Chi Longevity: Treating Ageing as a Disease Promises Age Reversal

Introducing a breakthrough approach to age reversal

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Today’s population is becoming more proactive in managing their health and prioritising preventative healthcare. This pursuit can be attributed to greater awareness about the value of health and the booming market for longevity. As people continue to seek ways to maintain both their youthful appearance and overall well-being, the demand for anti-ageing solutions is expected to rise accordingly.

Fortunately, visionary institutions like Chi Longevity are leading a dramatic transformation in the field of longevity sciences. Positioned as a global leader in longevity and the first private longevity clinic in Singapore, it remains dedicated to pioneering age reversal techniques that challenge the very concept of biological ageing.

Cracking the age reversal paradigm using science-backed methods

Chi Longevity takes a passionate stance on ageing, centred around a commitment to help individuals achieve a younger, healthier version of themselves by using science-based data and testing. Professor Andrea Maier, co-founder of Chi Longevity and the Oon Chiew Seng Professor in Medicine and Functional Ageing at the National University of Singapore (NUS), along with her team, has been leading the charge to have the World Health Organization (WHO) classify ageing as a disease, highlighting the importance and urgency of their work.

Ageing aligns with the disease criteria outlined by the WHO, according to a study headed by sociologist and International Longevity Alliance Founding Member Daria Khaltourina. By using tests such as frailty indices and blood markers, scientists can diagnose biological ageing, which is influenced by factors like inflammation, cellular changes, and genetics. This may result in increased attention to ageing in global health policy and the development of new treatments. By considering ageing as a disease, Chi Longevity offers a revolutionary approach to age reversal, promising extended lifespans and an enhanced quality of life.

Precision medicine through tailored treatment plans

Chi Longevity’s state-of-the-art medical suite, located in Singapore’s elite Camden Medical Center, boasts the latest evidence-based diagnostic tools, therapies, and solutions for a healthier lifespan. Clients also undergo comprehensive medical and functional assessments, delving into genetics, DNA analysis, metabolism, cognition, psychological health, fitness and lifestyle habits. The intensive testing protocols cover hundreds of markers, exemplifying their dedication to precision and efficacy.

These meticulous evaluations form the basis for their personalised treatment plans, usually lasting four to six months, depending on what the person needs to reduce their biological age. The medical experts outline the optimal result if they follow the suggested strategy, but they also point out potential consequences if they choose to maintain their current way of living. Ultimately, the goal is to empower clients to make informed decisions about their health and longevity, striking a balance between lifestyle changes and their desired outcomes.

Investing in a longevity healthcare plan is a big decision. The cost of a full programme at elite longevity clinics like Chi Longevity start at around S$15,000 (circa £9,000). The science is compelling, so how much you wish to learn about your health and ageing and how proactive you’re willing to be are decisions you need to make before committing to a longevity program.

It depends on the client — how much risk do you want? It’s shared decision-making, and we predict what you can get out of it, telling you what the evidence is. And then it’s your choice.

Advancing the field of healthy longevity medicine

In synergy with Chi Longevity’s initiatives, Singapore’s esteemed NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine recently hosted the Healthy Longevity Supplements conference. Across two days, clinicians, scientists, and enthusiasts converged to explore the transformative potential of supplements in promoting healthy ageing, as well as to learn about the next stages of interventions to optimise overall physical health.

The conference served as a catalyst for progress in advancing longevity medicine, featuring a diverse agenda of educational sessions, networking opportunities, and engaging discussions. It solidified evidence-based longevity medicine as a cornerstone of clinical practice worldwide, especially within public teaching hospitals. The compilation of key findings and takeaways from the event hopes to serve as a guiding light for future research and practice in the field.

The notable increase in demand for age reversal services is evident by the industry’s exponential growth. According to a Vantage Market Research report, the global anti-ageing market was valued at USD 63.01 Billion in 2022, with projections indicating a rise to USD 106.65 Billion by 2030. This data further proves that people are seeking out new technologies and therapies that guarantee to restore and prolong their lives.

In the longevity wellness landscape, Chi Longevity stands as a testament to the power of innovation and perseverance in the quest for optimal health. As the centre continues to develop age-reversal treatments, the prospect of a future where age is no longer a barrier but a gateway to renewed vitality becomes ever more promising.

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