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Private Healthcare in the UK: Organisations to Watch in 2020

Greater competition means more choice for patients visiting London


Medical tourism is a huge industry in the United Kingdom and its global role cannot be overestimated; the country ranks 2nd in the Medical Tourism Index as a destination for treatment.

In 2020 patients choosing private healthcare treatment in the UK will be spoiled for choice as more organisations enter the market while existing organisations upgrade their facilities to keep up with the heating competition.

Private Healthcare vs NHS

Demand for private healthcare has been rising in the last four years, as the NHS goes through its longest slowdown in funding in its 70-year history. Many patients are switching to private healthcare to avoid increasing waiting lists and continuous rationing throughout the public system.

Changing consumer preferences, which includes ease of access, convenience, and better choice in treatments play a big role in this change, according to GK Strategy, a Westminster-based political risk and reputation consultancy. Areas of rapid growth in private UK healthcare include cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, IVF treatment, and hip and knee procedures.

Understanding the patient of the future and their expectations are what has driven the development of delivery systems capable of meeting these demands. Experts predict a 40% increase in UK hospital capacity between 2018-2023.

Latchmore associates highlighted new developments that will fill this increase in demand, such as the Schoen Clinic and Cleveland Clinic in London, as well as the Nuffield Centre at Barts. Along with these new entrants, existing providers will also be adding capacity. New players entering the UK private healthcare market are attracted by the demand pressures on the NHS, which will likely have a positive impact on the growth of the private market.

Emerging Private Healthcare Providers in the UK

Private healthcare providers in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator, where you can check on the quality of care delivered within a facility. The choice of private hospitals is aplenty, with a range of locations, specialities, and facilities. Here are some of the leading private healthcare players in the UK to watch out for in 2020:

Mayo Clinic Healthcare in Partnership with Oxford University Clinic

Mayo Clinic has partnered with Oxford University Clinic to bring world-class preventative healthcare to the UK. These two names are at the forefront of global healthcare and medical research and their joint venture to open a preventative health facility is a very exciting addition to the UK’s private health market.

Cleveland Clinic London

Opening their first UK private hospital in the upmarket neighbourhood of Belgravia – Cleveland Clinic is internationally renowned for its quality of care. This will be Cleveland Clinic’s second global hospital venture, following their successful entry into the UAE with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.


UK’s largest private hospital group, HCA owns six hospitals across London and the Christie Private Care Hospital in Manchester. Capable of treating a wide range of health issues and paediatric care, thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

BMI Healthcare

The UK’s largest private healthcare chain, BMI healthcare provide patients with a comprehensive list of treatments. They boast of 54 hospitals across the country with high-level facilities geared towards patient comfort. In December 2019, BMI was acquired by Circle Health.

Nuffield Health

A not-for-profit company with centres across the county, very esteemed for their physiotherapists, fitness and wellbeing centres.

Spire Healthcare

Offers treatment for a large variety of issues such as Orthopaedic, Cardiac, Psychotherapist, Fertility, Cosmetic, and specialist Cancer care in 39 hospitals across the country.

Ramsay Health

Ramsay Health is a global healthcare group with headquarters in Australia. Ramsay operates 33 private hospitals in the UK with a strong focus on weight loss surgery, orthopaedics, and neurological services.

Schoen Clinic

Schoen Clinic is the largest family-run hospital group in Germany and recently opened in London, situated close to the famous location of Harley Street. Schoen Clinic is an award winning and highly specialised spine and orthopaedic hospital. 


Founded by doctors, OneWellbeck is a new specialist facility in London for minimally-invasive day surgery and outpatient diagnostics with centres of excellence in digestive health, orthopaedics and cardiology.


MyHealthcareClinic are a niche medical, dental, and specialist care clinic, all under one roof. They offer a choice between an ongoing membership fee or paying one-off. Their fee model is the epitome of private care for the future and ideal for residents of London.

The UK has always attracted fly-in patients from abroad, particularly from the Gulf and Eastern regions. This trend is set to continue as medical tourists are drawn by the UK’s standard of medicine and clinical research, world-class regulations and mature infrastructure. Most private hospitals within the UK provide tailored services for international patients, catering for specific language and cultural requirements.

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