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Top Private Cancer Treatment Providers in the UK

Increasing demand for rapid access private oncology services

Best private cancer treatment UK

An increasing number of individuals are shunning the NHS and paying for private chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

Data from the Private Healthcare Information Network shows that between 2018 and 2023, 282,560 people paid for chemotherapy treatment in the UK using private healthcare insurance. That’s an increase of nearly 283 per cent—a further 13,900 individuals paid from their savings.

According to current waiting list targets, which were tightened in October last year, individuals with a suspected cancer diagnosis in England should be seen by a consultant within 62 days. Only 62.5 per cent of the population is seen within this timescale. For those whose cancer is confirmed, only 90.1 per cent are seen within 31 days.

And yet, according to a report by cancer charity Macmillan in 2020, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds. The same research suggested that the number of people with the disease in the UK would increase by 10 million every decade, from 3 million in 2020 to 5 million in 2040.

UK waiting lists for cancer treatment are the worst ever

A report from the charity Cancer Research UK shows that waiting lists for cancer in England are the worst they’ve ever been. Added to that, progress in cancer survival rates is the poorest it’s been in half a century. That’s not the case with countries such as Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and nearby Ireland, where cancer treatment rates far outstrip that of the UK.

The charity’s report also revealed that around £1bn was necessary to fill the cancer research gap over the next ten years. It added that, proportionally, government-funded cancer research was the lowest of any major condition. Despite this, it was “among the highest cost of disease burden”.

UK King is currently receiving cancer treatment

The news comes at a time when Britain’s King Charles is himself receiving treatment for cancer. Unlike many NHS patients, he met with a consultant within days of his diagnosis. His cancer was discovered during an operation in the private London Clinic where he was receiving treatment for a benign enlarged prostate.

Figures from NHS Digital show that prostate cancer is the most common form of the disease for men in the UK (24 per cent of all cases). For females, the most prevalent form is breast cancer (28 per cent of all cases). For both sexes, the second most common form of cancer is lung, and the third is colorectal.

Many of the most prevalent private treatment clinics for cancer are based in London. But not all are in Harley Street. Instead, they can be found in hospitals dotted around the capital and other UK cities.

Top UK private treatment centres for cancer

At present, 62 specialist cancer centres provide the UK population with the most up-to-date detection and treatments. Some of these centres, such as The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and the Manchester Research Centre, also conduct research to improve cancer survival outcomes.

The London Clinic

The London Clinic is one of England’s most prominent private hospitals, and the cancer treatment centre was chosen by King Charles for his treatment, boasting groundbreaking cancer therapies. These include PSMA therapy for advanced prostate cancer and treatments for several rare cancers which can be challenging to treat. The London Clinic prides itself as a leader in oncology services and is also home to the revolutionary CAR-T cell therapy treatment for adults. The therapy, known as YESCARTA®, is a complex and innovative treatment, using the body’s own cells to fight cancer.

The Christie Clinic, Manchester

Based in Manchester and part of the HCA Healthcare Group, the Christie Clinic is a groundbreaking treatment centre for cancer. Treatments available include the latest in cancer surgery, such as Cytoreductive Surgery with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). They also offer immunotherapies and specialist radiotherapy techniques.

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, London

Patients at this Northwest London hospital in Middlesex receive the latest treatments in cancer care thanks to nuclear medicine imaging, chemotherapy, and iodine suites. There is a staff of 500 medical personnel with dedicated oncologists for specific cancer types.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Center, Liverpool

Newly opened in 2020, this leading Liverpool cancer centre provides groundbreaking research into cancer at its specialist Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit. Treatments provided include blood cancer services, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ‘urgent care.’

Royal Marsden, London

An NHS hospital that also offers private care, the Royal Marsden is based at Chelsea and Sutton, with clinics in central London and Kingston Hospital. Specialising in radiotherapy and surgery, the hospital also offers a dedicated international team with multilingual services to help patients from overseas.

Genesis Care, London

In addition to offering traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, consultants at Genesis Care also provide Theragnostics. This form of precisely targeted therapy, also known as nuclear medicine, diagnoses and treats cancers that do not respond to conventional treatments.

Nuffield Health, Cambridge

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy are among the cancer treatments offered at this south-of-England centre. Maggie’s Cambridge Centre provides emotional support and encourages patients to participate in cancer rehabilitation through exercise programs.

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